Video: Lone Working Survival Guide Preview

An amusing 9-minute video by Live Action Media demonstrates some crucial points to consider when working alone.

  • Perform a Risk Assessment
  • Take Precautions to Mitigate Risks

In addition, business should also perform several additional steps to reduce risks to their lone workers:

  • Create a lone worker safety policy, either as a subsection of an existing safety policy, or as a stand-alone document
  • Perform a lone worker risk assessment to determine if your workers are at risk (Download Blackline’s Free Lone Worker Assessment Tool Here >>)
  • Actively monitor the safety of lone workers using a lone worker safety monitoring device

Utility Company Orders Blackline Lone Worker Safety Solution

CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Marketwired – July 7, 2014) - A prominent electrical utility company located in Western Canada has provided Blackline GPS (“Blackline” or the “Company”) (TSX VENTURE:BLN) with a purchase order for the Company’s new Loner® Bridge System that provides employee safety monitoring capability to remote locations that are beyond the reach of cellular networks. Totaling over $825,000 CAD, deliveries of products will begin in fiscal Q4 of this year with service delivered over a two-year period from the time of product activation.

“Working in remote locations where cellular networks are not available presents a heightened level of risk for personnel,” says Clark Swanson, President of Blackline GPS. “This order underlines the effectiveness of our new Loner Bridge System in addressing this challenge – even enabling employees to be monitored inside field facilities.”

Blackline’s award-winning Loner suite of safety monitoring products enables employers to monitor the safety of personnel with a combination of automatic and manual safety alerting features including True Fall Detection®, person-down detection, missed check-in detection, an emergency latch, and silent emergency button. When safety incidents occur, Loner safety monitoring devices communicate the employee’s identity and precise location to monitoring personnel who are empowered to manage an efficient, pinpoint emergency response. Blackline’s technology has the capability to improve the outcome of employees who have suffered an injury, health incident, or physical assault. [Read more...]

5 Common Safety Practices That Are Putting Your Workers at Risk

By Garrett Genest | Originally published in OH&S Magazine on July 1, 2014

safety practices that are killing us Every day people go to work with the expectation that they will get home safely at the end of the day. To meet these expectations, businesses deploy various techniques and equipment to help keep their employees safe and healthy such as providing training or mandating the use of personal protective equipment. While many of these methods have improved safety, there are others in use almost universally that actually heighten the risk of injury or death of your employees. [Read more...]

Video: University of California Riverside and Loner Solutions

A recent video posted by the University of California Riverside outlines how the University has adopted Loner Safety Monitoring as its solution for lone workers – specifically those who work within a lab environment. This video does an excellent job demonstrating the benefits that labs and educational institutions can receive by adopting a robust and effective lone worker monitoring solution.

Keynote Video from the Loner Bridge System Launch Event

On June 19th 2014, over 150 visitors were in attendance to see Blackline GPS announce the release of its groundbreaking Loner Bridge System. Built from the ground up, the Loner Bridge System is the first solution of its kind capable of operating in areas where other safety monitoring devices cannot function effectively.

The keynote video from the product launch event is now available and can be viewed below.

Alberta Innovates Highlights Blackline GPS

Alberta Innovates has highlighted Blackline GPS and its developments with a video that was used at the TECTERRA Showcase event which occurred earlier this month.

Blackline’s Satellite Innovation Shifts Status Quo in Safety

Loner Bridge SystemCalgary, AB– Blackline GPS (TSX Venture: BLN), a Calgary-based manufacturer of lone worker safety solutions, is launching a new product that will revolutionize emergency response times in the world of safety. The launch event will take place on Thursday, June 19th from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Saltlik Steakhouse, located at 101 – 8th Avenue SW, Calgary. Members of the media and industry leaders are invited to attend this event to gain hands-on experience with this latest technological innovation. Two years in the making, the Loner® Bridge System is industry’s first, purpose-built solution that, unlike competitive products, works everywhere that today’s remote employees work – indoors, outdoors, within, and beyond cellular networks.

“This year in Canada, roughly 1,000 employees will not be coming home from work,” says Sean Stinson, Blackline’s VP Product Management. “To date, companies have been limited to manual check-in systems that cannot detect incidents promptly and products that communicate via satellite but lack automatic detection and cannot work indoors.”

“With Loner Bridge, we’ve taken worker protection beyond the geographical limits of cellular networks,” says Barry Moore, VP Product Development at Blackline. “The flexibility and portability of our entire system means we can provide a complete solution for companies to protect all of their field employees in real-time regardless of their location.”

[Read more...]