Heartbleed: What Blackline Clients Need to Know

Heartbleed logoHeartbleed, a vulnerability in a widely-used cryptographic software library  was revealed to the world this week. This weakness in the OpenSSL library could potentially allow malicious parties to bypass the encryption and privacy measures that many web sites and apps use for sending and receiving data.

Heartbleed and Your Blackline/Loner Portal Account

Blackline GPS has taken measures to correct this weakness across all of its sites and web servers.

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Smelter Worker Dies of Head Trauma, Second Suffers Concussion

According to the Sudbury Star, a 36-year-old worker was killed in Sudbury, Ontario as a result of severe head trauma caused when a large piston broke off from the machinery being used. A second employee, a 28-year-old man was injured suffering a concussion as well as facial lacerations. The employees were working at Vale’s Copper Cliff smelter and were both experienced and well-trained according to Kelly Strong, Vale’s VP of Ontario and UK Operations.

Numerous investigations will be held into the incident:

“Among them is how long Rochette and the other millwright lay injured and unconscious before they were discovered by their superintendent at the start of a shift.

It also isn’t known if there was a mechanism to alert anyone if something went wrong with the piston or moil that was crushing the ingots of nickel-copper metal.”

- The Sudbury Star, April 9, 2014

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Blackline GPS receives purchase order from new enterprise customer

Calgary, AB – Blackline GPS (“Blackline” or the “Company”) (TSX Venture: BLN) is pleased to announce receipt of a customer purchase order totaling $2.1 million Canadian dollars for deployment of its Loner® employee safety monitoring products and services.  Shipments against this purchase order are expected to begin in the third quarter of the Company’s current fiscal year and be delivered over the next 12 to 18 months, subject to standard terms and conditions. [Read more...]

Video Tutorial: Receiving and Managing Alerts in Loner Portal

This new 2-minute tutorial video by Blackline GPS demonstrates the receipt and management of alerts within the Loner Portal using the new Alerts Management Interface.


Highway Worker Found Dead Short Distance from Work Site

work siteCold weather is believed to be the cause of death of a 37-year-old man who was found after being reported missing and then found on March 31.

The Alberta man, 37, was found dead a short distance from the work site, with the help of a police dog, a release says. As of now, police consider his death non-suspicious.

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VP Product Management for Blackline GPS

Sean StinsonCalgary, AB – Blackline GPS is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Sean Stinson to the role of Vice President Product Management.  In this new role, Mr. Stinson will champion strategic product planning and cross team leadership within the company.  Reporting directly to the CEO, Mr. Stinson will be a new key member of the company’s executive team.  In his role as VP Product Management, Mr. Stinson will ensure the company as a whole is designing, manufacturing, and supporting products that meet client needs in Canada and abroad.

“As Blackline continues to grow, fulfilling customer needs with industry-leading safety monitoring solutions, I know that Sean will bring value to the company, driving longer-term revenue and product portfolio success,” says Cody Slater, CEO & Chairman at Blackline.  “Sean’s impact to date makes it clear that he is the right person to help position Blackline as the innovation choice for leaders in the Oil & Gas, Utility, Security, and other key sectors of the mobile workforce we serve.” [Read more...]

Why Relying on PPE Alone is Killing Us

By: Garrett Genest
Blackline GPS
Originally Written for Advisor Magazine

relying on ppe is killing usHas anyone seen Ted? It’s 3:19 PM in the afternoon when Suzanne realizes that she hasn’t seen her co-worker Ted in a while. She figures Ted is probably off working on the other side of the site as usual and goes back to work. At 4:22 PM Ted has been found unconscious, face-down in a puddle of muddy water behind a small structure. He is taken to the hospital where he later succumbs to a heart attack.

Would your company have found Ted in time? Vast amounts of money are spent every year on personal protective equipment (PPE) as new advances in those areas are made, and yet, in spite of these investments, fatalities continue to occur. In 2013 in Alberta, 2.6 construction workers died for every 100,000 people employed in the industry, and many more suffered major injuries. Regardless of the PPE purchased, fatality and injury statistics will always be a reality – and it’s a reality that many businesses have still not made plans to deal with.